Classic Green

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The Classic Green is packed with nutrients. This delicious concoction also helps detoxify the body. The Classic Green has Apple, Celery, Lemon, Spinach and Cucumber. This juice comes with a half fresh squeezed lemon so be ready for a ton of flavor.

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9 reviews for Classic Green

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    The Juice is very tasty and fresh! love the ice cube too!

    • De Terra Juices

      De Terra Juices

      Thanks so much Mo! We’re so glad you enjoyed them!

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    You have to try Deterra juices because they are the best! They are delicious and sooo fresh and the best part they delivered it right to my door!!

    • De Terra Juices

      De Terra Juices

      Thank you so much for the great review! We’re so happy you enjoyed them!

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    This might just be the healthiest, freshest, farm to doorstep juice in southern California.

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    I’d take De Terra green juices over any other local option – Its cleaner, fresher and just tastes great.

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    Yanira Koester

    Juice is delicious, refreshing and delivered right on time!

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    Mary Ann Landagan

    If I had to pick my favorite thing(s) about my first De Terra green juice I tried today, it’s the delicious, fresh taste 🍎πŸ₯’πŸ‹πŸ₯¬ , the smile it brings when I open my front door and it’s waiting for me πŸ˜ƒ, and the single, large, square ice cube 🧊! Thanks, De Terra Juices! Welcome to Orange County!

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    Joyce Inouye

    So delish!! Refreshing and clean taste. My 3 teenagers LOVED it! Thank you! Timely delivery and loved all the sms updates. Highly recommend!

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    I never thought I would like a juice that was green. But to my surprise this juice was so good. It was fresh, slightly sweet and refreshing. Travis was very kind and informative. The website is easy to use and how cool is it to get a refreshing juice delivered to you. And the ice cube is so cool!

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    Vivian Kadbi

    I’m a fitness and nutrition coach, and the Classic Green by DeTerra juices is the only one that I recommend to my local clients looking for a refreshing, healthy option to get their veggies in. Lots of vitamins, minerals, and no sugar added. Definitely recommend.

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